About the Archive

I will be adding to the archive in stages. The completed archive will contain all 321 Kiosk comic strips as originally published in the University of Tennessee Daily Beacon. It's broken down into six sections corresponding to the semester they were published. I appologize for the few holes. Hopefully, I'll be able to find these casualties of time.

About Kiosk

I began the concept for "Kiosk" in the spring of 2000. The idea was to make something that could at times be linear and at others completely random. I wanted to be able to interject an element of the visually unexpected and poke fun at some of the conventions of the newspaper comic strip.

Despite the esoteric nature of some of the jokes, I felt that if I created something visually interesting on the page, then I had succeeded.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the panda have a name?
A. Yes, Panda.

Q. Are they puppets or robots?
A. They are ruppets.

Q. When is the movie coming out?
A. Production for the live action movie is slated for early 2015 and will hopefully star Eric Roberts.

Q. Is Kiosk a comic or is it art?
A. It is cart.

Q. I've noticed that their faces changed slightly starting in #183, any reason?
A. The sheep knew a good cosmetic surgeon.

Q. Why do they float?
A. They all float. Also, they're ruppets.

Q. Have you done any other comics?
A. Nope.

Q. Will you?
A. If it's tasteful.

Q. Is there a Kiosk themesong?
A. Not currently, but if there was it would probably have lots of synthesizers and glockenspiels. Perhaps a cowbell also.

Q. Where did the puppet strings go?
A. They're implied. Heaven forbid you should have to use your imagination.

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